Henna Aftercare


Follow these simple steps and your henna will be at its optimum stain and last in greater beauty for longer.


Once your henna is applied it takes approximately 1 hour for the henna to dry (longer in cold temperatures)

We recommend you leave your henna paste on for another 8 hours in order to intensify the colour and produce a longer lasting effect

You should wear your protective mitten/sock during the first night to protect and enhance the design and prevent your clothes and sheets from being stained

The next morning, peel off your henna paste with your fingers (olive oil will assist this process) to reveal the orange design on your skin

This color will deepen into a richer reddish-brown colour over the next 48 hours

You should try to avoid contact with water during the first 24 hours after paste removal as this can interrupt the oxidization and darkening process of the henna

If you wish to wash off any henna paste during the first 24 hours, please use a small amount of lemon juice or olive oil rather than water

Henna balm cream or natural baby oil applied casually will prolong the stain.

When showering or bathing, it is best to rub a small amount of oil (vegetable or olive is fine) which acts as a protective barrier between skin and water


Henna binds to the keratin in your skin. We all have different levels of keratin, so the stains can vary from person to person. The most keratin is in your hands and feet, so the darkest stains will be achieved in these parts of the body.


Please note that during the first 24 hours, the henna stain can transfer to other parts of your body or to fabrics if prolonged contact takes place. Please wear the henna glove provided to ensure that your beautiful henna stain stays exactly where you intended.


Piercing Aftercare

Wash your hands before touching your piercing

Do not use soap, alcohol, peroxide, mouthwash or ointment. They damage cells and prevent breathing

Clean your eyeglasses, phone and bedding. Wear loose, clean clothing

Eat well and drink lots of water. Avoid caffeine, nicotine and alcohol

Vitamin C and Zinc speed healing

Avoid lakes and pools during healing

Do not change your jewelry until it's healed to prevent scarring

Rinse with warm water in the shower to soften and remove crusties

or mix 1/8 tsp non-iodized sea salt to 1 cup water for soaking twice daily

Do not over clean or turn jewelry

In case of infection, red streaks, fever, vomiting or dizziness...see a physician

Do not remove jewelry! It needs to drain so you won't develop an abscess

Use a very warm water soaked clean compress