OUR Artists

Owner/Artist of Kappa Tattoo LLC and The first live streaming tattoo artist. Rish is known for establishing live tattooing on twitch.tv and other sites. He is a Twitch Partner, leader of the tattooing community and has been broadcasting for over 6 years. His main focus is black and grey realism, Illustration and Traditional. A jack of all trades, master of none.
Co-Owner/Artist of Kappa Tattoo LLC and Henna body artist.
Nelly loves to crochet, craft, draw and paint all the things. She is a Mermaid cos-player and designs mermaid accessories. She can make anything pretty and loves unicorns and glitter.... lots of glitter. She has a great eye for art with graphic design experience as well as custom art. 

Cambridge area native, active community artist and aspiring photographer. Weilds a degree in fine arts with a focus on illustration and realism. 

Our amazing, reasonably priced piercer with 16 years experience
The first female body piercer in Cambridge, MN
The Cambridge Piercing OG
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